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The best view of the volcano is from Ba Lang An Lighthouse.
The Ba Lang An lighthouse guides ships to Sa Ky port.
This point, called Cap Batangan, is the closest point to the Hoang Sa/ Paracels archipelago— 135 nautical miles away.
From the Ba Lang An Lighthouse, the volcanic crater can be clearly seen at low tide.
The best time to observe the crater is between 9am and 1 pm.
The landscape changes constantly from morning to late afternoon.
The volcanic crater can be clearly seen at low tide, but can't be seen at high tide.
The volcanic crater is about 20 meter and 2 to 3 meter depth.
Around the crater are hardened lava flows.
Scientists say this volcano is 11 million years old.
The view from the volcanic crater looking up to Ba Lang An Lighthouse.

Volcanic crater in Ba Lang An coastal area, Quang Ngai province

(VOVWORLD) - Vietnamese archaeologists have discovered vestiges of an ancient volcano near the beaches in the Ba Lang An coastal area of Binh Son District, Quang Ngai province.               Nguyen My Tra