Countdown to Election Day

(VOVworld)- On May 22, millions of Vietnamese will cast their votes for the 14th National Assembly and People’s Councils at 184 polling stations. Final preparations are being completed in all 63 provinces and cities nationwide to make sure everything is ready for Election Day.

Countdown to Election Day  - ảnh 1

Tran Hung Dao street in Ho Chi Minh is decorated with banners and flags (Photo: VOV)

Election is an important political event because it demonstrates the  power of citizens to choose representatives to lead their country or their locality. Preparations for this big event began months ago.

Timely implementation

9 major tasks have been carried out, including establishing a National Electoral Council and sub-councils, conducting 3 rounds of consultative meetings to finalize the lists of qualified candidates, setting up polling stations, publicizing lists of candidates, and organizing meetings between candidates and voters all over Vietnam. There has been one inspection tour by the National Electoral Council and 3 inspection tours by the Vietnam Fatherland Front to all 63 provinces and cities.

Communications on election procedures and on citizens’ rights and responsibilities have been disseminated tirelessly. Nguyen Thien Nhan, President of the Fatherland Front and Vice Chairman of the National Electoral Council, says: “All tasks have been completed on time and in accordance with the Law on Election for the National Assembly and People’s Councils’ deputies and the electoral plan approved by the National Electoral Council. Our 9 main tasks have been completed and preparations are under review. Once again I confirm that we are ready for Election Day on May 22”.

Countdown to Election Day  - ảnh 2
Voters of Mong ethnic group look at lists of candidates (Photo: VNA)

Ready to vote

The cultural house of residential area 23 in Dong Phong ward, Lai Chau city, is busy with people coming and going. Voters are most interested in the lists of candidates which are glued to the wall. Voter Bui The Manh told VOV: “We have received voter cards. I have studied carefully the biographies of the candidates. Other voters and I want to elect candidates who will speak out to help our locality improve its policies. Candidates should help our local ethnic groups eradicate hunger and poverty”.

Tra Vinh province has 1,111 voting booths and nearly 800,000 voters. Each has received a voter card and the lists of candidates have been publicized. From now until Sunday, the provincial Electoral Committee will continue to check banners, ballot forms, and personnel at polling stations and intensify their communications about the election.

Plei Sar village in Kon Tum city is excited by the loudspeakers, banners, and posters. A Thik, a local resident, says: "The election date is clear, May 22. We fully support the election. Elected candidates should be talented and ethical to help the people benefit from the State’s policies”.

In industrial areas, workers are being encouraged to vote. Nguyen Thi Tuyen, Chairwoman of the Hanoi Labor Union, said the Union has proposed that voting booths be placed in workers’ areas: "In any area that has more than 300 voters, there should be one ballot box for their convenience. Industrial and export processing zones in Hanoi like the North Thang Long industrial zone, and the Phu Nghia and Quang Minh zones have more than 10,000 workers, so we set up polling stations there for workers to vote. Areas in which a large number of workers are living will have voting booths as well”

The National Assembly and People’s Council election takes place every 5 years.



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