ADB is positive about Vietnam’s economy

ADB is positive about Vietnam’s economy - ảnh 1

(VOVworld) -  Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung received Eric Sidgwick, new ADB Country Director in Vietnam, on Monday. Mr. Sedgwick praised Vietnam’s economic development attributing it to correct and efficient management over the past 3 years.

Vietnam’s economy has rebounded with a stable macro economy, low inflation, good budget management, an acceptable deficit, and higher foreign currency reserves.
He said Vietnam’s public debts have increased but were under control and that Vietnam has done well in restructuring bad debts. He said the ADB is working with Vietnamese agencies to develop a 5-year strategy to provide Vietnam with long tern resources at low interest rates for economic infrastructure projects.

Prime Minister Dung said Vietnam considers the ADB its partner in the development process. He reiterated Vietnam’s consistent policy of controlling and stabilizing the macro-economy to create a firm basis for future development.