Afghan President Karzai not to sign BSA

(VOVworld) - In his final address to parliament on Saturday, outgoing president Hamid Karzai says Afghan forces are capable of defending country on their own, showing his tough attitude towards US troops’ existence in Afghanistan.

Afghan President Karzai not to sign BSA - ảnh 1
Hamid Karzai arrived at the opening ceremony of 4th year of the Afghanistan Parliament in Kabul March 15, 2014. Photo: Reuters

He said that US soldiers can leave Afghanistan by the end of this year as his army, which is now in charge 93% of Afghan territories, is ready to take over the responsibility to ensure security. Hamid Karzai reiterated his stand that he will not sign Bilateral Security Agreement or BSA with the US, only peace is restored immediately. The bilateral security agreement allows a number of US troops to stay in Afghanistan after the final US troop withdrawal by the end of this year. He confirmed that Afghan security force is now strong enough to protect the country without international forces’ support.