Angela Merkel answers voters on TV

(VOVWORLD) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared on televised Q&A show on Monday in front of 150 representatives of 60 million voters for the German Federal elections on September 24

Angela Merkel answers voters on TV - ảnh 1 German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered a speech in Torgau, Germany, on June 9, 2017 (Photo: AFP/VNA)

Mrs. Merkel, a candidate of the CDU/CSU party, responded to questions about pensions, childcare, disabled care, environmental protection, agriculture, refugees, racism, the military, and the Germany-Turkey relationship. She maintained the priority of targets she has set during her 3 terms as Germany’s Chancellor.

The Q&A show, called Wahlarena, is a German version of the US televised presidential debate. Martin Schulz, Merkel’s opponent in the Chancellor’s race, is scheduled to attend the show on Sunday. 

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