ASEAN, US boost cooperation in priority areas

(VOVworld) – The ASEAN-US Joint Cooperation Committee convened its 7th meeting on Thursday in Jakarta, Indonesia, to review recent activity and to discuss stronger cooperation in the future to realize the statements made by both sides’ senior leaders. Participants worked on the implementation of the ASEAN-US Action Plan for 2016-2020. They agreed to boost cooperation in priority areas, including politics, diplomacy, economics, maritime security, and trans-national issues such as anti-terrorism and climate change adaptation.
ASEAN, US boost cooperation in priority areas - ảnh 1
Participants to the 7th meeting of the ASEAN-US Joint Cooperation Committee.
(Photo: VNA)

Ambassador Nguyen Hoanh Nam, Head of the Vietnamese mission to ASEAN, promised Vietnam’s coordination with other ASEAN members and the US. Nam said Vietnam is looking forward to establishing ASEAN-US centers for small and medium sized enterprises and climate change adaption. These initiatives were proposed by the Prime Minister at the ASEAN Summit held early this year.     
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