Barack Obama: US-led coalition will destroy Islamic State

(VOVworld) - US President Barack Obama issued a tough warning to the IS militants, saying a US-led coalition will permit no safe haven to the group and will destroy it eventually.

Barack Obama: US-led coalition will destroy Islamic State - ảnh 1
A member of the Iraqi security forces walks past a destroyed vehicle belonging to Islamic State militants during an intensive security deployment on the outskirts of Samarra December 14, 2014 (photo: reuters)

Speaking to hundreds of troops in a hangar at Fort Dix on Monday, Obama said the coalition isn't just going to degrade this barbaric terrorist organization but is going to destroy it. He said the coalition in Syria and Iraq has had some successes against the IS, and that its goal is long term, not just chalking up some quick victories.

Obama also said the US is on track to end its combat mission in Afghanistan at year’s end. The US will leave approximately 15,000 troops to train the Afghan security forces. This could be the end of the US policy of deploying ground troops to perform foreign combat missions.


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