Boko Haram kill 31 fishermen in Nigeria

(VOVWORLD) - At least 31 fishermen have been killed by Boko Haram jihadists in two separate attacks on islands in Lake Chad in northeastern Nigeria.

Boko Haram kill 31 fishermen in Nigeria - ảnh 1 Boko Haram killed 31 fishermen a week after authorities lifted a two-year ban on fishing in Lake Chad, which straddles Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon and Chad (AFP Photo/PHILIPPE DESMAZES)

Armed terrorists stormed the fishing islands of Duguri and Dabar Wanzam in the freshwater lake Saturday, attacking fishermen working in the area and capturing some of them. They killed 14 in Duguri and another 17 in Dabar Wanzam. News of the attacks took two days to travel as Boko Haram has destroyed telecom masts in the region in attacks over the last few years.

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