Building a constructive diplomacy for national development

(VOVworld) – Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has praised the diplomatic sector’s contributions to Vietnam’s international integration and development.
Building a constructive diplomacy for national development - ảnh 1

Addressing the 29th Diplomatic Conference in Hanoi on Tuesday, Mr. Phuc said that after 30 years of renewal, Vietnam has integrated deeply into the global economy, maintained peace, won outside support for its strategic interests, and enhanced its image in the international arena. But the Prime Minister also pointed out challenges such as Vietnam being located in a geo-strategic region which world powers are competing fiercely in for control. Vietnam faces threat posed by territorial disputes in the East Sea and instabilities in the world. Prime Minister Phuc called on the diplomatic sector to be more proactive and flexible to pave the way for national industrialization and modernization. He said:“First, it’s necessary to define the strategic priorities of the country and developed a strategic thinking for the diplomatic sector in the new period. We can’t do everything because of our limited resources, time, and opportunities. What will be the core national interests in protecting our sovereignty, ensuring security, developing the economy, and promoting Vietnam’s influence globally? We need to identify what are immutable and what are negotiable with other countries. That’s the way we apply President Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts in diplomacy: "Keeping calm is to cope with uncertainties”

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc urged the diplomatic sector to establish a constructive diplomacy method to enhance Vietnam’s position in the world and maintain peace and stability for national development.

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