Canada supports mental health care in Vietnam

(VOVworld) - Grand Challenges Canada (GCC) offered seed grants valued at 7.7 million Canadian dollars for 22 global mental health projects which will extend a helping hand to those throughout the developing world suffering from brain-related disorders, including those in Vietnam.

Canada supports mental health care in Vietnam - ảnh 1

According to a Friday press release of the Embassy of Canada in Hanoi, this also covers a project called “Preparing a trial of enhanced, low-cost primary mental healthcare”. This effort includes support for a trial of low-cost, enhanced primary healthcare services in Vietnam for depression, a common condition in the country. On this occasion, Canadian Ambassador to Vietnam David Devine expressed his delight that Vietnam will enjoy grants from GCC. He hoped that the provision of training to primary health care providers in Vietnam will contribute to the improvement of health care in general, and especially in mental health care across Vietnam.