China public opposes placement of oil rig Hayiang 981 in VN’s EEZ

(VOVworld) – Chinese professor Li Ling Hua has voiced his opposition to China’s placement of its oil rig Hiayang 981 in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and continental shelf in posts on his personal blog under the nickname Hongchao. He wrote: “I have become more aware of the Chinese authorities’ inappropriate consciousness. Such actions will lead China into the wrong direction and are condemned by the international community. They only see the imminent interests and don’t think of the long-term ones. Regional peace is of great importance and regional countries will cooperate to address any difficulties for mutual victory. If peace and stability don’t exist, no matter how big the interests, they can not compensate for the losses. China only thinks about its national interests which I think is wrong and history will prove this. I hope the Chinese government will soon wake up.”

China public opposes placement of oil rig Hayiang 981 in VN’s EEZ - ảnh 1
Chinese Professor Li Ling Hua. Photo: internet

Another blogger nicknamed Jiemang asked: “Do we want to cause confrontations with Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam at the same time? The next that comes to us will be the US smile of victory and ASEAN countries’ unsympathetic attitude. Everyone is called on to find out more about the 9-section route. As a Chinese, I feel ashamed. Please wake up and avoid delusion that we can gulp the whole East Sea. If you are truly patriotic, please look at international issues with physical point of view.”

Also on this forum, blogger Lixiaoxing, with his persuasive evidence and critical arguments, composed a post denouncing Dr. Hu Bo’s opinions of China’s Strategy Research Center at Beijing University in his article “UN 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea can’t deny China’s stance of maintaining 9-section route”. Lixiaoxing’s posts are enthusiastically welcomed and supported by Chinese netizens.