Chinese vessels sailing off Alaska

(VOVworld) - Three Chinese war ships, a resupply vessel, and a landing craft are sailing in international waters off Alaska, Pentagon officials said on Wednesday.

Chinese vessels sailing off Alaska - ảnh 1
Chinese military ships, like the one seen here, were spotted near the Aleutian island chain. (Photo:TASS)

The US refused to confirm when they spotted the ships for the first time or how far the ships are from Alaska, where US President Barack Obama was about to conclude a three-day visit to raise awareness about climate change.

The ships appeared ahead of a Chinese military parade to commemorate the end of World War II and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to the US at the end of this month. The upcoming visit takes place amid tensions over China’s military activities, including cyber attacks targeting the US and China’s large-scale construction efforts in the East Sea. 

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