Communications improve public awareness of gender equality

(VOVWORLD) - Vietnam’s press sector has advantages with regard to gender equality compared to other countries, participants at Tuesday’s seminar on gender equality in Hanoi said.
Communications improve public awareness of gender equality - ảnh 1

The seminar on gender equality at the Academy of Journalism and Communication in Hanoi on May 22, 2018. (Photo:

They said there is not much salary difference between male and female journalists, and that women are receiving more promotions at the middle management level.

Vietnam has been a bright spot in implementing Millennium Development Goals in gender equality and one of countries most rapidly narrowing the gender gap over the past 20 years.

To create comprehensive changes, the seminar said communications play a key role by improving public awareness of gender equality.

The seminar was held by Sweeden's FoJo Media Institute, the Center for Media and Development Initiatives (MDI), and the Vietnamese Women in Journalism Forum.