Criticizing distortions on the fight against ideological degradation

(VOVworld) – The Central Theoretical Council and the People’s Public Security Political Academy hosted a workshop on Friday in Hanoi to criticize distortions on the fight against political degradation.

Criticizing distortions on the fight against ideological degradation - ảnh 1

Experts said the Communist Party of Vietnam has defined the degradation of political ideology and manifestation of political “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” as a threat to the regime’s existence. That’s why the Party is determined to prevent hostile forces from distorting and fabricating the Party’s ideology. Dr. Vu Nhu Khoi, former dean of the Party History Faculty of the Military Political Academy, said: “The act of distorting information is dangerous in the context of people’s indignation over officials’ corruption and misdemeanor. These actions could mislead the people. So we should resolutely fight this false argument. The Party’s determination has received the public’s support.”

Experts said that criticizing distortions by hostile forces will help to fine-tune the Party’s reform policies. Major General Truong Giang Long, Director of People’s Public Security Political Academy, said: “One of the current key tasks is to consolidate the Party’s strength. We should re-order social discipline. Decadent Party members should be severely punished to boost the people’s trust in the Party. Once the people take pride in their country and regime, hostile forces, no matter how malicious they are, will ultimately be foiled.”