Czech rejects EC’s refugee resettlement quotas

(VOVworld) – Czech President Milos Zeman rejected EC’s refugee resettlement quotas Monday.

Czech rejects EC’s refugee resettlement quotas  - ảnh 1
Afghanistan refugees entered Lebos, Greece (Photo: Reuters)

Zeman told Austrian President Heinz Fischer at a press conference in Prague that a quota allocation policy is not the solution to the refugee crisis in Europe because the refugees’ destination is Germany. Many Iraqi refugees were allowed to settle in Czech under a humanitarian project, but they still found their way to Germany.

More than 1.2 million refugees, most of them from Syria, entered Europe last year. Despite many meetings and proposed solutions, Europe is now mired in the crisis with no consensus among member countries. The refugee quota policy has been rejected by several Eastern European countries, while an EU-Turkey deal to send refugees back to Turkey was rejected by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.