Da Lat Nuclear Reactor: safe operation in 30 years

(VOVworld) - The Da Lat Nuclear Reactor has been operating effectively since its restoration and expansion in 1984. Nguyen Nhi Dien, Director of the Da Lat Nuclear Research Institute (NRI) said it is the first and only nuclear reactor of its kind in Vietnam to have reached 37,800 hours of safe operation. Mr. Dien, who is also Vice Director of the Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute, acknowledged the excellent safety record of the reactor, at a meeting to mark the 30th anniversary of the reactor’s restoration work in Da Lat on Thursday.

Da Lat Nuclear Reactor: safe operation in 30 years  - ảnh 1

The reactor has been effectively exploited, providing analysis for geology, oil and gas, the environment, agricultural product exports, as well as monitoring, observing and evaluating environmental impact and contributing to health care, biology, and agriculture.