Donald Trump proposes vetting of migrants

(VOVworld) – US Presidential Republican nominee Donald Trump has proposed an “extreme vetting” of immigrants once he is elected president. During his speech in Ohio on Wednesday, Trump said such “extreme vetting” will prevent radicals with hatred and disrespect for the US Constitution from entering the US.
Donald Trump proposes vetting of migrants - ảnh 1
Donald Trumps delivers his speech in Kissimmee, Florida, on August 10. (Photo: AFP/VNA)

He will suspend immigration from “the most dangerous and volatile regions of the world” where there is a proven history of sponsoring terrorism. The flow of immigrants to the US has been too large for a proper screening.

Fighting the spread of the extremist Islamic ideology will be the centerpiece of his foreign policy, Trump said, adding that any country sharing the same goal will be the US’s ally. He promised a world conference against the ideology of death and promised to fight the IS by calling for an international coalition and coordinating counterterrorism efforts with Russia, Arab countries and NATO. Trump said he will carry out a cyber war to counteract the IS’s online communications, recruitment and funding capabilities.   

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