Elephant racing festival in Dak Lak opens

(VOVworld) – The Don village biennal Elephant Race opened in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak on Wednesday.

Elephant racing festival in Dak Lak opens - ảnh 1
A prayer for the elephants’ health

Hundreds of gong artists and ‘Xoang’ dancers participated in the event to honor elephant hunting and taming. Visitors witnessed a buffalo sacrifice ceremony to pray for bumper crops.
Vu Ngoc Kinh is a visitor:“I haven’t missed a festival. I sympathize with the local effort to preserve the distinctive culture. Every two years, I attend the event and each time I learn more about the local cultural traditions and that makes me more interested in it”.
During the two-day event, elephants show off their strength and skill in running, playing football, and swimming. Visitors also have a chance to enjoy performances of  traditional music featuring gongs and other musical instruments.


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