EP calls for dialogue among all parties in Ukraine

EP calls for dialogue among all parties in Ukraine - ảnh 1
(VOVworld) - Building dialogues among all related parties in the Ukraine is the best possible solution to helping Ukraine get out of its crisis and ensure its sustainable prosperity.
This was stated in a draft resolution agreed and passed by all political groups in the European Parliament on Thursday. According to the resolution, European MPs agreed that it was necessary to control the situation and reduce tension and avoid military confrontation in Crimea. It also reiterated some aspects of the agreement reached between Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich and opposition representatives, with the representation of EU special envoys, were still useful in escaping the current political deadlock. The European Parliament called on the Ukrainian administration not to make concessions and cancel the presidential election scheduled for May 25th.
In another related development, the Ukrainian acting Minister of Defense, Ihor Teniukh, announced that only 10% of the country’s air force and 14% of the total 41,000 ground forces were ready to carry out their duties. Meanwhile, Russian military units are enhancing their training activities at military bases along Russia’s eastern borderline with the Ukraine.