EU leaders call for reform of EU

(VOVworld) - French President Francois Hollande has said the EU must reform and scale back its power, amid a surge in support for Eurosceptic and far-right parties reflected in the just-concluded European Parliament elections. He said it was necessary for the EU to change, as it had become too complex and remote for many EU citizens, calling for a more simplified, obvious, and effective EU. Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister David Cameron urged EU leaders to express their opinions that the EU needed to change and can’s continue as it is doing now, at an unofficial meeting of the European Council on Tuesday. He stressed the number of voters casting their ballots and the election results indicated an urgent demand to reform and ensure more action be taken to address voters’ concerns over jobs, growth, and a brighter future.

EU leaders call for reform of EU - ảnh 1

A TV grab taken from French TV channel France 2 shows French President Francois Hollande addressing the nation, on May 26, 2014 during a TV broadcoast at the Elysee presidential Palace in Paris (AFP Photo)

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her regrets in a phone call with UK Prime Minister Cameron over the election results, although her ruling party came first in the election. She highlighted the importance of winning back trust from skeptic voters, adding that a policy focusing on competitiveness, growth, and jobs, was the best way to calm the disappointment of Eurosceptic voters.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said that the election results showed major differences among EU countries, reflecting the progressive competitiveness in political debates regarding EU member countries’ specific programs.