EU sets conditions for lifting sanctions against Russia

(VOVworld) – EU leaders agreed this week on a plan that will keep economic sanctions on Russia in place until the Minsk cease-fire agreement is honored. This could mean the sanctions will last until the year’s end.

EU sets conditions for lifting sanctions against Russia - ảnh 1
Leaders of France, Russia, Germany, and Ukraine at the Minsk meeting (Photo: AP)

In a joint statement Thursday following the first day of the EU summit, the leaders said the EU will not impose additional sanctions against Russia for its involvement in the Ukraine conflict, but tied current sanctions to the “complete implementation” of the Minsk agreement.

EU members now plan to delay until June any action formally extending the sanctions. EU diplomats said for now the EU will focus on supporting the personnel who are monitoring eastern Ukraine on behalf of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. They also proposed that the third biggest financial support package worth 1.8 billion euros for Ukraine be approved as soon as possible. 

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