EU unveils Brexit negotiation plan

(VOVworld) - The European Union demanded that Britain make “sufficient progress” on its divorce before any talks on a future trade deal can start as it laid out its tough Brexit negotiating plans on Friday (March 31).

EU unveils Brexit negotiation plan - ảnh 1
EU Persident Donald Tusk spoke in a press conference in Valletta, Malta on March 31st - Photo: AFP/TTXVN

EU president Donald Tusk’s draft guidelines say the other 27 countries are ready for a transitional deal after Britain’s exit in March 2019, but that such an arrangement would have to be under EU rules. British Prime Minister Theresa May had in her letter triggering the two-year exit process on Wednesday called for talks on the divorce and a future deal to run in parallel as soon as negotiations start. The EU has proclaimed its unity on Brexit, even as it reels from Britain’s intention to become the first member state to leave in the bloc’s 60-year history. Tusk’s strategy will now be sent out to the leaders of the 27 remaining EU countries ahead of a special summit on April 29 when they will agree on them so that talks can start in May. Germany and France had already set out a united and uncompromising stance against May’s demands. Tusk’s guidelines say that the EU called for a “phased approach” that prioritises an orderly withdrawal that reduces the disruption caused by Britain’s departure in March 2019. The EU said that no trade deal can be agreed on before Brexit takes effect. But it is also open to a transitional arrangement after Brexit as a “bridge” to a future deal some years down the line, but said that it would have to be under EU rules. It said it is making preparations in case talks break down.