EU warns of IS weapons of mass destruction

(VOVworld) – EU and NATO security chiefs have warned that Islamic State terrorists are trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction such as biological and nuclear weapons to attack Britain and Europe. 
EU warns of IS weapons of mass destruction  - ảnh 1
IS members in a propaganda video (Credit: AY-COLLECTION/SIPA/REX)

Jorge Berto Silva, Deputy Head of counter terrorism for the European Commission, told the annual Security and Counter Terror Expo in London Tuesday that IS had shown an interest in obtaining chemical, biological, radioactive, and nuclear materials.

Jamie Shea, Deputy Assistant Secretary General for emerging security threats at NATO, warned that IS may be splitting in two, with one part trying to protect its occupied areas in Syria and Iraq, which is increasingly losing ground to coalition airstrikes, and another group focusing on setting up terror cells around Europe to launch future attacks.

The participants said IS was also trying to develop new ways of avoiding security measures to carry out attacks such as with bombs implanted in human bodies and by hacking driverless cars.

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