European countries tighten refugee control

(VOVworld) – At an emergency meeting in Brussels on Monday, the EU Interior Ministers agreed to draft a list of “safe countries,” where refugees won’t be able to apply for EU asylum in simple procedures.

European countries tighten refugee control - ảnh 1

Immigrants rush to cross the Serbian-Hungarian border at Roszke (Photo: Corbis)

The list, now including all Balkan countries, will be published by the end of October. The EU Interior Ministers reiterated the need to open borders between member countries as well as ensure security at borders with non-EU countries.
Luxembourg’s Interior Minister Jean Asselborn said the EU has not made a final decision on a plan relocating some 120.000 refugees and that another meeting on the issue will be held in October. The EU now is backing a plan proposed last May which will relocate 40,000 refugees in Italy and Greece in the next 2 years. The plan’s implementation will be discussed next week.
The UN warned that refugees in Europe will be stuck, if EU countries don’t have a common policy on dealing with the immigrant crisis. The UN suggested a comprehensive plan on the issue, including the establishment of refugee centres. The UN reiterated that refugees need to be relocated in EU on an equal quota scheme.
Macedonia said some 6,000 immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa were transported to northern Serbia. According to the Macedonian Interior Ministry, some 76,000 immigrants have tried to seek asylum in Western Europe in the last 3 months. Serbia’s Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy Alexender Vulin said immigrants from Serbia to Hungary will not be able to return, as the Hungarian law on migration and border protection officially took effect on Tuesday. The law will allow the Hungarian government to deploy troops to border areas, prosecute people who make illegal border crossing, and accelerate asylum procedures.

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