Exhibition on Agent Orange /dioxin victims and their fight for justice opens

(VOVworld) -An exhibition on the pain of Agent Orange in Vietnam and efforts to surmount its consequences opened in Hanoi on Wednesday.
Exhibition on Agent Orange /dioxin victims and their fight for justice opens - ảnh 1
Visitors at the exhibition (Photo: VOV News Center)

The event at the Vietnam Military History Museum is held in coordination with the Vietnam Association of Victims of AO/dioxin (VAVA), the Chemical Arms, and the Military Library. It takes place on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the AO/dioxin disaster in Vietnam (August 10, 1961). Through more than 400 items and photos on display, the exhibition gives visitors an insight into the danger and devastation of chemical toxins and the process by which the US army caused the AO/dioxin disaster in Vietnam. Many of the exhibits show Vietnam’s efforts to address the consequences of AO/dioxin, along with domestic and foreign support for the victims. The victims and their families’ exceptional endeavors to weather their difficulties are also featured in the displayed items. The Military History Museum’s Director, Major General Nguyen Xuan Nang said:“The exhibition denounces the US imperialists’ actions during the invasion war in Vietnam and the consequences of chemical war on subsequent generations. We encourage organizations, individuals and the community to join efforts to ease the pain suffered by Agent Orange/dioxin victims and fight for justice for them.”