Exhibition “Truong Son Trail – Trail of Victory” opens

(VOVWORLD) -The Military Zone 5 Command opened an exhibition on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, also known as the Truong Son Trail, in Da Nang City on Thursday. 
Exhibition “Truong Son Trail – Trail of Victory” opens  - ảnh 1

Military officers view exhibits (Photo: VGP) 

More than 180 images and artifacts on display reflect the fierce battle along the logistics route from the North to the South during the anti-American resistance war, and also the continued role of the road in the cause of national industrialization and modernization. Colonel Tran Van Tang is impressed by the exhibits. He said“Although war has ended and Truong Son Trail completed its historic role, our time of crossing the trail for national salvation remains a glorious memory. We believe that the Truong Son Trail with its legendary stories will stay with national history forever.”

The trail ran along the Truong Son mountain range through 20 provinces of the three Indochinese countries.  It was the main artery from northern Vietnam to battlefields in southern Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The transport route played a decisive role in the great victory of the anti-US war for national liberation.