Festival to honor Tran dynasty’s contributions

(VOVworld) - Tran Temple’s “seal opening” ceremony took place in the northern province of Nam Dinh on Wednesday or the 14th day of the first lunar month, attracting people from across Vietnam.

Festival to honor Tran dynasty’s contributions    - ảnh 1
An incense offering begins the "seal opening" ceremony. (Photo: VNA)

After an incense offering at Thien Truong temple, where 14 kings of the Tran Dynasty are worshiped, came a procession of the royal seal carried on a palanquin. The parade involved 120 representatives of the local Association of the Elderly and Fatherland Front and Nam Dinh residents. According to Nguyen Van Va, Chairman of the Nam Dinh municipal People’s Committee, the ceremony is held annually to honor the Tran dynasty’s contributions and the “seal opening” custom, which means resumption of administrative activities after the Tet holiday, including awarding and conferring titles.
Va said the re-enactment of the custom represents respect for and preservation of traditional culture by younger Vietnamese generations. Papers stamped with the royal seal are distributed to festival goers for good luck and to encourage them to build a more prosperous Vietnam.

The 2015 Tran Temple festival will be held from March 1-6, with the seal opening ceremony as the highlight. The festival will include performances of dragon dance, cheo (traditional opera) singing, human chess, wrestling, and martial arts.   

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