Foreign delegates appreciate discussions at IPU 132

(VOVworld) – During the on-going IPU 132 in Hanoi, several topical discussions were held covering peace and global security, emergency issues, democracy, and human rights.

Foreign delegates appreciate discussions at IPU 132 - ảnh 1
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Attending the discussion on “International law in relation to national sovereignty, non-intervention into other countries’ internal affairs and human rights” was the MP in the German Parliament and Chairwoman of the Sports Committee, Dagmar Freitag, who said: “It’s very important to talk about human rights all over the world. We have many regions in the world whose people are not able to live in peace. They have to bear and cope with physical attacks. I think it’s very important that parliamentarians from 166 countries are talking about human rights. This is important not only for democratic countries but of course all the others who do not care about human rights.”

Parliamentary Speaker of the Republic of De Sao Tome, Jose da Graca Diogo, said the discussion on international law and national sovereignty had analyzed the connections between international law, national sovereignty, and human rights. Although countries have different views, he expected that they would endorse the draft resolution. “It’s important to ensure that all countries work for global cooperation in the main theme of the conference, sustainable development goals. As parliamentarians, it’s good for us to express our point of views on this important theme relating to all countries in the globalization.”

Ceremonies were held to mark the 30th anniversary of the Meeting of IPU women parliamentarians and the 20th anniversary of implementing the Beijing Declaration and Platform.