German Chancellor sets date to start coalition talks

(VOVWORLD) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday she will start talks next Wednesday to form a coalition government which includes her CDU/CSU alliance, the Free Democrats (FDP), and the Greens. 
German Chancellor sets date to start coalition talks - ảnh 1 Angela Merkel is expected to start talks on October 18, 2017 to form a coalition government (Photo: VNA)

She said her CDU/CSU conservative alliance will hold separate talks with the other two parties on that day before all parties meet 2 days later. CDU/CSU won just 33% of September’s vote, its worst showing since 1949, while the Social Democrats, Merkel’s junior partners for 8 years, were crushed with 20.5% and vowed to go into opposition. Experts predict that this will be a tough negotiation because the 3 parties have different stances on taxes, energy, and European issues.

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