Greece criticizes EU policy toward Russia

(VOVworld) – Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias has criticized the EU’s policy toward Russia in the Ukrainian crisis. Kotzias said he didn’t find any separatists in Ukraine have conducted attacks in Western Europe except for jihadists from Paris or Brussels.

Greece criticizes EU policy toward Russia - ảnh 1
Nikos Kotzias and Frank-Walter Steinmeier [Council of the EU]

After he took up office, Greece’s new left-wing government has expressed doubts about EU’s sanctions on Russia but finally agreed to expand the lists of travel bans and asset freezes in pursuant to EU sanctions.

Recently Kitzias said the Greek government will not easily approve the extension or increase of imposing economic sanctions on Russia. He noted that Greece doesn’t want the EU policy to be based on the interests of the countries, which historically have too emotional relations with Russia


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