Hungarian PM warns about influx of migrant

(VOVworld) – Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban warned on Monday that the influx of migrants is forcing the European Union countries to protect themselves unless there is a consistent solution.

Hungarian PM warns about influx of migrant - ảnh 1
Migrants hang their washing out to dry on Hungary's border fence (photo:reuters)

PM Orban urged the parliament to support the government solution to the crisis which allows the army to take part in border controls.

 Hungary is building barbed wire fences along the border with Serbia, Croatia, and Romania to prevent the influx of refugees. Almost all migrants fled Europe due to economic issues.

Hungary’s parliament earlier passed a series of amendments aimed at tightening border controls, in which anyone crossed the border illegally or break the fences is likely to face criminal charges, be sent to prison or deported back to their homeland.

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