Iran re-opens uranium feedstock plant

(VOVWORLD) - Iran has reopened a nuclear plant that has sat idle for nine years, it’s Atomic Energy Agency (AEOI) said on Wednesday, as Tehran prepares to increase its uranium enrichment capacity if a nuclear deal with world powers falls apart following US withdrawal.
Iran re-opens uranium feedstock plant - ảnh 1

The UF6 factory, which had been inactive since 2009, is part of the Isfahan uranium conversion facility (Photo: AhlulBayt/ VNA)

The AEOI said on Wednesday, that in response to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s order and Trump’s renunciation of the deal, a plant for the production of UF6 (the feedstock for centrifuge machines that enrich uranium), had been relaunched and a barrel of yellow cake was subsequently delivered there. US-Iranian tensions have seen a resurgence since President Donald Trump pulled Washington out of the 2015 nuclear accord, calling it “deeply flawed”. Under the deal, Iran restricted its enrichment program so as to quell any concerns it could be put to developing nuclear weapons, and in return, received relief from international sanctions.