Italy rescues 1,151 migrants off Libya coast

(VOVworld) - The Italian coastguard said on Monday that it had coordinated the rescue of 1,151 migrants in 11 separate operations off the Libyan coast.

Italy rescues 1,151 migrants off Libya coast - ảnh 1
During a rescue operation off the coast of Libya on September 28, 2015
(Photo/Ricardo Garcia Vilanova/AFP)

In the biggest operation, a coastguard ship picked up 441 people from four inflatable boats.

The same day, the charity Doctors Without Borders said its ship Dignity 1 saved 373 people who were taken to Italy.

Thousands of Syrian refugees continue to flee to European countries every day despite dangers to their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean.

Libya has for years been a stepping stone for migrants seeking to travel to Europe.

According to a UN report, since the beginning of this year about 500,000 refugees, mainly from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, have migrated to the EU by sea.

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