Japan, Belgium to strengthen anti-terror cooperation

(VOVworld) – Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel have agreed to establish a bilateral dialogue on counter-terrorism.

At a press conference following the meeting on Tuesday, Mr. Abe said Japan will strengthen its cooperation with Belgium and ensure the safety of Japanese citizens and firms in Belgium. Both leaders agreed that it is important to maintain international stability based on international law.

Prior to the meeting with Mr. Michel, Mr. Abe laid wreaths at the Maelbeek subway station, near the European Union (EU) headquarters, where a deadly bomb attack occurred in March. He said Japan unites with EU countries and the rest of the world in the fight against terrorism.

Belgium is the third stop-over in Abe’s diplomatic mission to Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, the UK, and Russia to establish a foundation for a Group of 7 (G7) Summit in Japan later this month.


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