Kon Tum province marks 40th anniversary of liberation

(VOVworld) – The Central Highlands province of Kon Tum celebrated its 40th anniversary of liberation on Monday. Kon Tum’s residents have over the past 40 years gained numerous achievements with a high economic growth of above 13%. They have maintained political and social stability, security, and national defense and strengthened the unity bloc.

Kon Tum province marks 40th anniversary of liberation - ảnh 1
A meeting marks the 40th anniversary of Kon Tum's liberation. (Photo: VOV)

Nguyen Van Hung, Chairman of the Kon Tum People’s Committee, said:“The war ended 40 years ago. But the glorious victory and sacrifices of the predecessors will forever be remembered by all Vietnamese people. Each of us needs to promote patriotism and other traditions and our culture in national construction and defense. Following President Ho Chi Minh’s moral examples will give us the strength to fulfill such missions.”

Provincial authorities launched an emulation campaign at the ceremony.

A photographic exhibition opened on Monday saluting the 40th anniversary of the liberation of Gia Lai province. 300 documents, photos, and maps highlight outstanding economic, political, and cultural achievements of the province over the past 40 years. The exhibition will close on March 26th.   

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