Live TV program affirms Vietnam’s national sovereignty

(VOVworld) – Vietnam Television (VTV) will produce a live TV program at 8pm on June 8th as a key program supporting Vietnam’s sea and islands sovereignty. The program on VTV1 channel connecting Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ly Son island of Quang Ngai province will honor the Vietnamese people’s love for their homeland and showcase evidence of Vietnam’s sovereignty over Truong Sa and Hoang Sa archipelagos.

Stories of soldiers and people living near the northernmost point of Lung Cu to Tho Chu island, Vietnam's furthest southwest point, and on the outpost island of Ly Son to understand the soldiers’ silent sacrifice and the people’s peaceful life will be featured.

Live TV program affirms Vietnam’s national sovereignty - ảnh 1
Teacher and pupils on Truong Sa archipelago (Photo: VOV)

Each story will deliver the message that each individual is a living border marker confirming Vietnam’s sovereignty.          





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