Ly Son island applies for global geopark

(VOVworld) - The central province of Quang Ngai is working to have Ly Son island, Binh Chau commune’s coastal area, and their vicinity included in the UNESCO list of global geoparks.  At a meeting on the compilation of a dossier for the areas, experts from the UNESCO World Heritage Committee and Vietnamese scientists said the geological conditions in the areas have significant values, making them suitable to become a geopark.

Ly Son island applies for global geopark - ảnh 1
Ly Son island

Foreign experts visited seven locations in Ly Son island and Binh Chau’s beaches during the survey from March 31 to April 3, where they found several sites of geological values.  Experts also said the nearby mainland area also boasts rarely diverse geological features and should be identified as the neighbourhood of the global geopark once it is recognised.  They stressed, however, that alongside special geological values, Quang Ngai must meet other standards regarding conservation, community education and tourism development in order to have the areas listed as a global geopark.