Macron and Le Pen vie for French votes

(VOVworld) – The French Presidential race between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen heated up on Wednesday at the Whirlpool appliance factory in the city of Amiens.

Macron and Le Pen vie for French votes - ảnh 1
French presidential front-runner Emmanuel Macron at the presidential campaign in Arras, France, on April 26, 2017. (Photo: AFP/VNA)

Amiens is the hometown of centrist Macron. The Whirlpool factory is located in an industrial zone where many factories have closed down in recent years, boosting the unemployment rate to 13%.

While Macron met with workers union representatives at the Chamber of Commerce 20km from the factory, Marine Le Pen made a surprise visit to the factory and posed with workers live on TV news channels.

Addressing the workers during their lunch break, Le Pen declared herself the workers' candidate and vowed that if elected, she will not let the factory close. She accused Macron of not having the courage to meet the workers.

Macron later condemned Le Pen’s statement and said her policies will destroy the economy and public purchasing power.

Later the same day, Macron and representatives of the factory’s trade union met with some of the workers in what turned out to be a largely chaotic and disorganised event.

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