Midterm Vietnam Business Forum promotes private sector development

(VOVWORLD) -The Vietnamese Government has consistently prioritized fast and sustainable economic growth, and the business community plays as a key force to realize the country’s development goals. 
Midterm Vietnam Business Forum promotes private sector development - ảnh 1 Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung addresses the Midterm Vietnam Business Forum 2019 (Photo: VNA)

In his keynote speech at the Midterm Vietnam Business Forum 2019 on Wednesday in Hanoi under the theme “Roles of business community in rapid and sustainable development”, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung said the government has constantly pursued major solutions to ensure rapid and sustainable economic growth. He added: “The Government has made concerted efforts to ensure macro economic and political stability, economic restructuring connected with proper growth models, synchronized infrastructure development to improve economic competitiveness and human resource development for sustainable growth. The Government is completing mechanisms to create a transparent business climate, and accelerating administrative procedure reforms to improve efficiency of investment and production. It will continue the external policy of multilateralization and diversification of international relations to enhance global integration”.

The Deputy Prime Minister made clear that the corporate sector is a driving force for growth and the realization of government’s goals. He said:“Businesses need to strike a balance between profit seeking and proper treatment to workers, giving them opportunity for career and professional development. Science and technology application should be promoted to develop new resources while complying with laws and regulations. Businesses cannot survive for long without delivering their legal responsibilities. Ethically, business decision on shared interests will be honored and acknowledged by the society.”

The forum, titled “Linkages between domestic and FDI businesses towards common goals,” was organized by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, and the VBF Consortium.

The event included three main sessions on building value chains, addressing technological challenges and developing financial resources for sustainable growth. The forum serves as a dialogue mechanism between the Government and businesses for improving business conditions, which is necessary to foster the development of private enterprises, facilitate the investment environment, and contribute to sustainable economic growth.