NA deputies call for criteria for evaluating public investment projects

(VOVWORLD) - The National Assembly on Monday reviewed the mid-term 2016-2018 public investment plan.

While acknowledging progress in using public investment capital, the deputies agreed that many projects have remained ineffective.

“The government should create and promulgate a set of criteria for evaluating and prioritizing projects before allocating investment capital to them. It will help prevent wastefulness”, Hoang Van Cuong, a deputy for Hanoi, said.

The deputies suggested that the government look into capital balance, disbursements, and adjustments to speed up and increase the effectiveness of investment projects.

“The government should reduce the budget of non-essential projects and concentrate on key projects that lack capital. There should also be an implementation plan for essential investment projects”, Hoang Quang Ham, a deputy for Phu Tho, said.

The deputies proposed to oversee public investment projects and allocate more state funds to education, health, science, and technology.