NA discusses the draft Law on Healthcare Insurance

(VOVworld) -  Free medical check-ups and treatment should be provided to more people, including children under 6. Deputies told the National Assembly’s Thursday morning session in Hanoi that this new regulation is appropriate and reflects the premium policies for children under 6 as requested by the Law on child protection, care, and education.
Deputy Ngo Thi Minh representing Quang Ninh province said: "I propose that 3 more groups of population should be allowed to enjoy healthcare insurance paid by the government. First are those living in island communes and who don’t belong to any existing groups.  The second group comprises those aged between 75 and 79 without a pension or any social support, or those benefiting from a death gratuity for their partners. The last group is Agent Orange/ dioxin victims. I also propose to move people of families close to the poverty line that are receiving the state partial healthcare insurance support, into the group with health insurance fully guaranteed by the state budget."  

NA discusses the draft Law on Healthcare Insurance - ảnh 1

NA deputies agreed on the obligation of taking out healthcare insurance to hold people responsible of the issue, improving the quality of training for those working in the insurance sector, reducing red-tape, and upgrading medical check-up and treatment facilities.

Statistics show that the number of Vietnamese people taking out healthcare insurance has increased to 70% from 60% in 2010. Vietnam has set a target of having 80% of its population registered for healthcare insurance by 2020.