National Assembly discusses revisions to laws on social insurance

(VOVworld) – National Assembly deputies on Thursday discussed in groups revisions to the law on social insurance and the law on vocational training. At a plenary session the same day, they debated the state budget for 2012.

National Assembly discusses revisions to laws on social insurance - ảnh 1Vietnam's population is aging quickly, which is threatening the solvency of its pension fund. (Photo: Thoi Bao Kinh Te Saigon Online)

In regards to the law on social insurance, deputies approved revisions expanding the coverage of beneficiaries. Workers in the non-government sector currently account for 70% of the total workforce, but few of them voluntarily buy insurance cards.

To balance the pension insurance fund, workers may have to pay social insurance for a longer time before receiving a pension when they retire. In particular, state employees’ retirement ages will be gradually lengthened to 62 for men and 60 for women by 2020. Vietnam’s current retirement age is 60 for men and 55 for women. Nguyen Van Tuyet, a deputy of Ba Ria Vung Tau province, said: “Female workers like preschool and primary teachers say they want to retire at 55. Those who work in garments and textiles, leather footwear, and seafood processing, say they want to work until they are 45 or 50. The point here is to make the law match reality.

Deputies discussed draft amendments to the law on vocational training. They said that although a number of articles have been revised, the law hasn’t resolved the current demand for vocational training. Lawmakers highlighted the need to diversify vocational training and attract more people to vocational programs.