National Assembly to pass seven bills in mid-year session

(VOVWORLD) -The National Assembly’s mid-year session began in Hanoi on Monday, focusing on lawmaking and major socio-economic, budget, and oversight issues.
National Assembly to pass seven bills in mid-year session  - ảnh 1

At the opening session, National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan applauded Vietnam’s socio-economic progress so far this year. Economic growth is quite good, the macro-economy is stable, economic balance is maintained, and the investment and business environment is steadily improving, Ms. Ngan noted. She added that good results have also been achieved in culture, social affairs, education, health, labor, employment, and social security. Defense and security are solid and foreign relations and international economic integration continue to achieve milestones, elevating Vietnam’s status in the region and the world.

The National Assembly is scheduled to adopt 7 bills and 2 resolutions and debate 9 other bills. Lawmakers will review socio-economic development and the state budget last year and in the first months of this year. 

“The National Assembly will adopt revisions to the Law on Insurance Business and the Law on Intellectual Property and discuss the revised Labor Code. Lawmakers will also consider whether to join the International Labor Organization's Convention 98 with a view to ensuring compatibility with commitments under the comprehensive partnership and Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP),” said Chairwoman Ngan.

According to a Government report, Vietnam’s GDP in the  first quarter expanded by 6.79 percent. In the last four months, newly-registered and added foreign direct investment (FDI) capital reached 7.5 billion USD, up more than 28 percent. According to the report, more than 43,000 new enterprises were established and over 17,000 businesses resumed operations in the reviewed period.

A report by the NA Standing Committee’s ombudsman board said that the Government has settled almost all the 2,290 petitions that voters submitted to the previous National Assembly session.

The current session, which includes Q&A activities, will conclude on June 14.