NATO-Ukraine launch joint military exercises in Black Sea

(VOVworld) - North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces and the Ukrainian army launched joint military exercises in Ukraine's Odessa and Nikolaevsk regions on Monday.

NATO-Ukraine launch joint military exercises in Black Sea - ảnh 1
(Photo: Sputnik/ Taras Litvinenko)

The Ukrainian Defence Ministry said in a statement that the naval drills, code-named Sea Breeze 2015, are a rehearsal for a multinational security operation in a crisis. They hope it will bolster regional security and improve coordination between Ukraine's Navy, NATO, and partner countries.  

Some 2,500 servicemen will participate, along with 150 pieces of military equipment - warships, helicopters and other aircraft. Military personnel from Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Moldova, and the UK will be involved in the drills.

Vice Admiral James Foggo, commander of the US 6th Fleet, described the exercise as an important opportunity for the US to work with its partners and conduct meaningful training for land, air, and sea.

He said he believes this exercise will lead to valuable personal exchanges between sailors, soldiers, airmen and Marines, leading to stronger bonds and greater unity in this region.

The maneuvers will run until September 12.



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