New Year celebrations underway

Millions of people around the world flocked to cultural and historical centers to welcome the New Year 2012. In Tokyo, the bell rang at Sensoji pagoda to mark the New Year and commemorate victims of the earthquake and tsunami in March. In Vietnam’s Truong Sa archipelago, reporters joined army and people in Sinh Ton island to mark the new year. Nguyen Minh Tri is a soldier. He said:“I join the army and people in Sinh Ton island to welcome and new year and don’t feel home sick thanks to the festive atmosphere. The celebration is as meaningful as it is onshore.”

In Hanoi, people joined the count-down to welcome the New Year in front of the Opera House. Ho Chi Minh City held a grand ceremony to welcome the New Year. Quach Ngoc Thuan, a Canadian Vietnamese, said:“The New Year is celebrated with great joy here. It’s more quiet in Canada. I hope the New Year will bring about prosperity and more visitors to Vietnam. I am pleased to see more positive economic growth.”