Party Central Committee discusses issues affecting citizens

(VOVWORLD) -Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong opened the 6th plenary session of the 12th Party Central Committee in Hanoi on Wednesday. 
Party Central Committee discusses issues affecting citizens - ảnh 1

The committee will discuss the socio-economic and financial-budgetary situation for this year and draft a socio-economic development plan and financial-budgetary estimates for next year. Also high on the agenda will be healthcare and population issues and the reform of public service institutions. Party leader Trong highlighted the organization of a lean and effective political system: “I call for the objective and comprehensive assessment of shortcomings and application of experiences learned during 30 years of national renewal to contribute opinions to the formulation of future plans and targets. Tasks and measures should be feasible with clear roadmaps to help resolve pending issues facing the whole political apparatus and organizations of the Party, State, and the Vietnam Fatherland Front, as well as other politico-social organizations.”

The Party leader called for more efforts to reform the public sector: “It’s necessary to analyze reform of public service agencies and state-owned enterprises, which should be carried out systematically and aggressively but with caution. This task needs to be incorporated into the reform of the whole political system. Public services should be socialized, while market mechanism’s negative effects be eliminated and international integration be boosted. The role of the public sector should be clarified amid Vietnam’s socialist-oriented market economy, international integration, and the 4th industrial revolution.”