Pilots blamed for FlyDubai Russian crash

(VOVworld) – Russian investigators pointed pilots’ error as the cause for last month's crash of FlyDubai plane FZ 981 in Rostov-on-Don, southwestern Russia. The Boeing 737-800 failed to land for the first time. On its second attempt to land after flying from Dubai, it crashed short off the runway and exploded. Poor weather conditions, including strong winds and rain, made landing difficult.
Pilots blamed for FlyDubai Russian crash - ảnh 1
Emergencies Ministry members work at the crash site of a Boeing 737-800 Flight FZ981 operated by Dubai-based budget carrier Flydubai, at the airport of Rostov-On-Don, Russia. (Photo: Reuters)

In its report, the Moscow-based Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) said the plane had been flown in a contradictory manner in the minutes before it crashed. The crew had decided to abort landing and circle round again. They had begun to gain altitude when the controls of the plane were abruptly pushed away, pushing its nose lower. That, combined with the angle of the tail fin, sent the plane into a steep dive which the pilots were unable to pull out of.

The IAC stopped short of saying the pilots were definitely to blame but said their condition and actions were being evaluated. The Committee now needs to complete work on deciphering the pilots' final conversations prior the crash before it can wrap up its investigation.


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