Pope Francis visits US

(VOVworld) – On Tuesday, Pope Francis arrived in Maryland, beginning a six-day visit to the US. During the visit, the Pope will talk with President Barack Obama, deliver a speech to the US Congress and the United Nations and attend a workshop on families in Philadelphia.

Pope Francis visits US - ảnh 1
Pope Francis arrives in Washington D.C. and is greeted by President Obama. (Photo:chicagotonight.wttw.com)

Pope Francis will become the first Roman Catholic leader to make a speech to the US congress on Thursday. He is expected to talk about climate change, migrants, refugees, income inequality and gay marriage. Speaking to the press prior to his trip, the Pope expressed his hope that the US will soon remove economic sanctions imposed for more than half a century on Cuba. The Pope has been a mediator in normalizing ties between the US and Cuba since late 2014.