Positive signals ahead of President Obama’s visit to Vietnam

(VOVworld) – The American public are eagerly awaiting President Obama’s upcoming visit to Vietnam.

Positive signals ahead of President Obama’s visit to Vietnam - ảnh 1
US President Barack Obama (Photo: Reuters)

The White House said in a statement on Tuesday that Obama will meet with Vietnam’s leadership to discuss ways to advance the US-Vietnam Comprehensive Partnership in investment, trade, education and security, human rights, and global issues. The visit takes place with relations between Vietnam and the US on the rise two decades after normalization of diplomatic ties

Associate Professor of Political Science Edmund Malesky of Duke University said Obama’s visit will be an historic trip which will boost future exchanges and reset relations in trade, education, and energy cooperation.

War veteran Andre Sauvageot, who is now director in charge of Vietnam-US business development for the Maventus Consulting Group, said the US should lift its ban on the sale of weapons to Vietnam. He said he hopes the US government will help Vietnam modernize its military forces.


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