Preparations completed for Vesak 2019 in Ha Nam

(VOVWORLD) - The United Nations (UN) Day of Vesak 2019 will open on Monday in Tam Chuc Pagoda Complex in Ha Nam northern province.
Preparations completed for Vesak 2019 in Ha Nam - ảnh 1Tam Chuc Pagoda Complex in Ha Nam province. 

The Vietnamese Buddhist Shangha and Ha Nam provincial authorities have completed all preparations for the event. Tam Chuc Pagoda Complex is ready for the big day with facilities decorated beautifully.

“Today is for human being around the world to celebrate Vesak Day. All the time, people around the world tell me as Secretary of Office in Thailand that they are eager, happy to come and join Vesak celebrations in Vietnam. One thing they know that this is the 3rd time for Vesak celebrations in Vietnam. Everytime Vietnam organize Vesak celebrations, that will be a big event. It’s a reason why they all want to come here to celebrate,” said Venerable Phramaha Hansa Dhammahaso, Assistant Secretary General of UN Day of Vesak 2019. 

Around 2,000 delegates from more than 100 countries and territories worldwide and thousands of Vietnamese Buddhists will attend the ceremony.

 “I’m very proud to be a Buddhist to attend the UN Vesak Day 2019. This is a great cultural exchange on Buddhism for better mutual understanding in accordance with the Buddha teachings that the world will become a more peaceful and happier if there is more love and sympathy,” said Nguyen Thi Kim Chau, a Buddhist follower of Ho Chi Minh City.

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